CBD oil is a perfectly legal, honest and decent food supplement. Yet, some people are still prone to pearl-clutching panic at the very mention of any hemp-based products. Rest assured, Cannabis oil, or CBD will not get you high. Our products are not psychoactive, so you can use them safely and get on with all your usual activities, including driving or operating machinery.

CBD oil from Hemp Holistics is extracted from exceptionally high quality hemp. Great care is taken to ensure it is free from herbicides and pesticides, to create an effective and ethically sound product.

The law in the US differs significantly, as medicinal cannabis with high levels of THC is widely available. These products are definitely psychoactive, which is why they are not currently available in the UK. It is somewhat ironic that the very nation that demonised hemp and all its beneficial by-products, has relaxed its laws. Now that’s what I call Reefer Madness.

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