Our philosophy is simple; we aim to promote wider use of the invaluable hemp plant. The hemp plant has been demonised and outlawed across the globe, despite its undoubted benefits to mankind and the environment. Recent research however has confirmed what we have always believed – the hemp plant is an abundant source of therapeutic treatments.

We have pushed for this recognition for over two decades and we are delighted to see these safe, pure and effective treatments become widely available. There have been small but important victories along the way. For example, you can now buy hemp seeds in your local supermarket, while hemp-based toiletries grace the shelves of health food stores.

Ian Edwards founder and director of Hempholistics has immersed himself in hemp culture, wearing clothing from hemp fibre, eating hemp seeds, drinking hemp milk and using CBD treatments. Having overcome his own challenges through lifestyle changes, Ian is committed to raising awareness and use of therapeutic cannabinoids.

Not content to talk the talk, Ian walks the walk with hands-on experience of planting and harvesting hemp, both in the UK and Europe. He is a source of inspiration and practical knowledge to the growing number of artisan farmers now planting organic hemp.

Hempholistics source only organic cannabinoids, specially selected for their purity and effectiveness. We are blessed to have found the right partners, who share our ethos.

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