The discovery of the Endocannibinoid system signals a huge leap forward in our understanding of how cannabinoids work with our own receptors throughout the human brain and nervous system. THC is well known as the active ingredient in cannabis, which due to its pleasant side effects, has led to the criminalization of the plant across the western world. This despite the cannabis plant’s established place in health and healing, established over centuries. Science confirmed what folklore had intuited. We are hard-wired to respond to the health-giving properties of natural cannabinoids. Receptors in our brains and throughout our nervous system (endogenous) are designed to work with exogenous (from outside the body) cannabinoids, much like a lock and key to alleviate a wide variety of symptoms.

Renewed interest in Cannabidiol (CBD) the second most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis, has freed the versatile hemp plant from the stigma of illegality and abuse. This has facilitated the development of high quality CBD oil and pastes with proven health benefits. CBD can be taken internally as an oil or capsule, while CBD paste, or oil can be applied externally.  Our CBD products are not psychoactive and can be used safely by all.  We are indeed fortunate that farmers and growers have responded to the increased demand for therapeutic cannabis; and are now focusing on the cultivation of low THC strains.

We are not medical practitioners and we do not lay claim to medical expertise, but our belief in the therapeutic benefits of CBD is supported by many independent clinical trials. CBD has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of debilitating conditions. Safe and effective pain relief has transformed the lives of thousands of people suffering from arthritis, while the sedative quality of CBD is used to alleviate anxiety and aid sleep. Indeed, a broad range of conditions have been successfully treated using CBD oil.

Our CBD products are carefully selected from trusted sources to ensure their purity and effectiveness. We aim to promote safe, natural healing modalities, free from artificial pesticides and herbicides. You can have every confidence that the products we offer are therapeutically beneficial and kind to the environment.

The hemp plant is a gift to humanity. In decades of experience living with hemp-based products, from clothing, foodstuffs, hygiene and healing; we have found no other plant to be so beneficial to mankind, while enhancing the natural environment.

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